Services To Sooth Your Soul

The next time you are in Mount Shasta be sure to schedule a relaxing, nurturing ionic detox foot bath with a short reflexology session. This will rejuvenate your spirit and your body too.

A private Ascension Ceremony, which is a Lemurian Gathering, is held on a fairly regular basis. A reservation is require to attend.

Contact Wendy for more information at (530) 859-3016

About The Ascension Ceremony In Mount Shasta

The Ascension Ceremony is designed for individuals that are new to their spiritual path, as well as, for people who have walking their path for some time. Wendy provides a safe environment and says, "It is my gift to the community in providing these sacred gatherings."

This is not a mass produced event and is held in Wendy's home in Mount Shasta, space is limited to attend. Bring your open heart and s smile each Wednesday to a Lemurian gathering of like minds and Souls as we journey on our Ascension Path with St. Germain, Adama, and other ascended Masters.

Her intention with each gathering is to allow people an opportunity to deepen their own connection with their own wisdom, which comes in many forms. While Wendy has been doing these ceremonies for several years, she has found a specific technique that provides enhanced inner connection.

The tone of these ceremonies are Joy, Hope, and Love.

Some people say that the ceremony is like a deep meditation. Others say that they have receive some specific and clear guidance about an issue or challenge in their life. There is no right way or wrong way to participate in the ceremony.

There is no smoking, drinking, or eating before or during the ceremony.

Many consider this ceremony to be a connecting opportunity with Lemurians. Lemurians are the inhabitants of Telos, an underground city in Mount Shasta, where this ancient, benevolent civilization lives in peace and harmony today. There are many worthy books published on the subject of Lemuria, Telos, and Adama, the High Priest of Telos. There is also a book about the sacred temples in Telos called The Seven Flames. There are no books for sale at the ceremony.

Schedule Of Ascension Ceremonies

On the Wednesdays in May, June, July and August at 3:00 PM an Ascension ceremony will be held.

A reservation is required. Contact Wendy at (530) 859-3016 to inquire about participating in these sacred gatherings.

If you have a group and will only be in Mount Shasta for the weekend, Contact Wendy to inquire about a special ceremony to accommodate your schedule.